Quarantined? Why Joining A Network Can Make You More Productive!

by: Claytine Nisbett

I recently saw a twitter post by @Anwar_Douglas that is quickly becoming viral. It states: “If you don’t come out of this quarantine with: (1) a new skill, (2) your side hustle started, (3) more knowledge – You never lacked time, you lacked discipline!” I would like to add, if you don’t come out of this quarantine having joined a network that can help you accomplish one of the three then you have missed an essential opportunity!

It’s not for lack of will that many people haven’t accomplished many of their goals or their dreams haven’t come to fruition, its a lack of being connected to the right people. In other words, not being a part of a network. Having access to people who either have, similar visions, the ability to be able to bounce your ideas off of, a connection to the geographical area(s) you would like to reach with your business or organization, the means and time to offer you mentorship, etc., are all very valid reasons to identify the person/group you should be a part of.

Another MAJOR reason to connect to others during this time in history is to be a part of a meaningful network that can inspire and support you through the current Covid-19 pandemic. Now that a large portion of the world has been ordered to self-isolate, it has never been a better time to think about how you can grow as an individual, a business and/or an organization. Due to this Ujima Woman has recently launched Ujima Woman Network!

Ujima Woman Network came out of UW’s belief that the services we provide as individuals, businesses, and organizations are more effectively delivered when we are willing to collaborate and share ideas, resources, and efforts. This willingness to complement and not compete makes for more effective individual and organizational outcomes. 

Furthermore, UW believes in collective work and responsibility! As world citizens and organizations working towards change we have identified our social responsibility but must also realize the power of working together to make a greater impact.

That is what UW hopes to instill in organizations and individuals worldwide through our network!

Why You Should Connect With Other Empowered Women!

‘No man is an island’ neither is an organization or a business. We work better together! However, what is missing are those key connections and partnerships!

Ujima Woman Network doesn’t believe in connections just for connection’s sake. We believe in Connections within Context! What does that mean? It means:

  • Finding connections near you (or clear across the globe) with a similar or complementary cause to collaborate on to make a greater social impact.
  • Access to local and virtual subgroups with individuals with shared interests
  • Insight on new and sustainable intervention strategies to tackle your cause
  • Finding new local, regional, or international projects to work on
  • Opportunities to post questions in the community and get them answered by other professionals
  • Ability to participate in polls to improve your experience
  • Member discounts for our IN-PERSON Ujima Woman Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Training
  • Opportunities for members and their causes to be featured in Ujima Woman Magazine

All these advantages mean every single notification you receive on your smart device from our app will add value to you, your organization and your cause!

So come in peace and let’s connect!

What We Won’t Be Bothering You With! 

Other networking platforms have changed over the years. We know they have to pay the bills but how they are doing it can be quite annoying. We simply want you to make connections without annoyance. So here’s what we won’t be bothering you with:

  • No ads.
  • No distractions.
  • No loss of privacy.
  • No algorithms that decide your experience for you.

Though we are in a public health crisis, if you are reading this you are alive and there is still time to work on your self-development, make a change, and impact the world. If you are a woman, have a women’s led/focus business or organization that has these values, you must become and stay connected, especially digitally. Joining the Ujima Woman Network gives you an opportunity to remain productive so when the lockdown is over you are ready to take over the world!

Follow this link to join!

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